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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

examples of sustainable filaments

With additive manufacturing one of our core business functions, we’re conscious of our environmental impact and are always looking for ways to reduce waste. At Hatch, we only work with suppliers that can provide sustainable materials, and pride ourselves on optimising our processes to reduce our carbon footprint.

For example, the plastic filament used to create our 3D prints is recycled and sustainably sourced, with our supplier Filamentive, committed to offsetting 1kg of carbon for every 1kg produced. To reduce our corporate waste, off-cuts and support filaments are always returned to our supplier to be reused.

Our packaging is also eco-friendly, with one tree being planted for every cardboard box used. Even our business cards are sustainable - 100% cotton and made from t-shirt offcuts.

At Hatch, we believe sustainable practices should come as standard, not at a premium. You can trust that we will never increase our prices to offset the cost of choosing sustainable alternatives.

If you're interested in using our services, contact us here.

For more about the services we offer, visit our 3d printing, reverse engineering and product design pages.


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